Let us take an example to understand international banking in a better way.

Example of International Banking

Suppose Microsoft, an American company is functioning in London. It is in need of funds to meet its working capital requirements. In such scenario, Microsoft can avail the banking services in form of loans, overdraft or any other financial service through banks in London. Here, the residential bank of London shall be giving its services to an American company. Therefore, the transaction between them can be said to be part of international banking facility.

Let us have a look at features and benefits of international banking.

International Banking

Features and Benefits of International Banking


International banking facility provides flexibility to the multinational companies to deal in multiple currencies. The major currencies that multinational companies or individuals can deal with include euro, dollar, pounds, sterling, and rupee. The companies having headquarters in other countries can manage their bank accounts and avail financial services in other countries through international banking without any hassle.


International banking provides accessibility and ease of doing business to the companies from different countries. An individual or MNC can use their money anywhere around the world. This gives them a freedom to transact and use their money to meet any requirement of funds in any part of the world.

International Transactions

International banking allows the business to make international bill payments. The currency conversion facility allows the companies to pay and receive money easily. Also, the benefits like overdraft facility, loans, deposits, etc. are available every time for overseas transactions.

Accounts Maintenance

A multinational company can maintain the records of global accounts in a fair manner with the help of international banking. All the transactions of the company are recorded in the books of the banks across the globe. By compiling the data and figures, the accounts of the company can be maintained. 


Globalization and growing economies around the world have led to the development of international banking facility. The world is now a marketplace and each business wants to exploit it. Geographical boundaries are no more a concern. With access to technology, banking facilities have grown vastly. One prime example of it is international banking. In the years to come, such banks would see higher growth and higher profitability. Big business houses are expanding themselves at a rapid pace. To maintain the growth, these businesses will need the financial services of international banking. Therefore, the demand for international banking facilities will increase.


Last updated on : January 13th, 2018
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