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Bills Payable

Meaning of Bills Payable Bills Payable (B/P) is a liability document which shows the indebtedness of an individual, an organization, a bank, etc. When an individual or an organization makes …

Notes Payable

Definition of Notes Payable When a company issues promissory notes, it maintains the records of the amount of promissory notes issued in a ledger account. Such account is termed …

Net Operating Income

Companies raise debt and equity capital to buy operating and non-operating assets which are expected to generate revenue going forward. The activities related to the utilization of these operating …

Net Profit

Net Profit is a measure of profitability of the company after taking into consideration all costs incurred during an accounting period. Net profit is also referred to as net …


Depreciation is a very important and real operating expense. Although it is a non-cash expense and does not require any current cash outflow, nonetheless it can’t be ignored in …
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